What is a Boolean search?  Boolean logic can be used for more than just Google searching; becoming a Boolean master can help you return the best results through most social listening and media monitoring platforms. Using Boolean search, you can create custom queries to refine searches and find the exact keywords or phrases you need. … Keep reading

A Social Shift: 5 New Best Practices in Social Media

By: Meg Yocum & Mikayla Ickes The other week, the BPR team attended the annual Social Media Day PHL conference to learn about the latest trends in social media practices for businesses. Social media is an ever-evolving landscape, where algorithms and best practices seem to change almost daily. However, here are some of the day’s … Keep reading

What’s Keeping Leaders Up at Night?

Local Executives Have One Thing on Their Minds I attended a CEO Roundtable this morning featuring a panel of business leaders talking about “The Top 10 Things Keeping the C-Suite Up at Night.” Hosted by talent acquisition firm The O’Connor Group, the event’s four panelists were: Brian Begley, CFA, Principal, PhiCap Advisors Jennifer Dempsey Fox, … Keep reading

Vibe Check: Can you Communicate with your Gen Z Employees?

Long gone are the days that you will hear someone refer to something as “the cat’s pajamas” or call something “bogus.” The kids these days just don’t “dig it.” It’s not that they’re “goons” – like every other generation, Gen Z-ers have developed their own slang.   Do you think you know Gen Z slang? … Keep reading

How to Provide Media Support for Different Size Law Firms

Law firms can range in size from individual attorneys in a solo practice to large law firms with thousands of attorneys. Engaging with media and positioning attorneys as thought leaders in their respective practices is crucial for attorneys in any size law firm. However, the ways in which public relations professionals go about providing media … Keep reading

On the Record vs. Off the Record: Interview Options

Anytime a source is considering speaking to the media, they should be informed of their options and understand the reporter’s expectations. One of the specifications they need to be aware of is whether the interview will be on or off the record. Speaking on-record means that any shared information can be used freely, and the … Keep reading

3 Things PR Pros Can Learn from Equestrians

For most people, horses are beautiful creatures that grace the covers of books such as Black Beauty and National Velvet. Perhaps you remember reading Misty of Chincoteague as a child or being gifted a Breyer horse during the holiday season. However, few people are aware of the intricacies of the equestrian world, and even fewer … Keep reading

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