June 21, 2022:   ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Announces New Leadership Team

May 19, 2022 : ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes Mikayla Ickes to Assistant Account Executive

February 11, 2022 : ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes Annie Speer to Account Executive

December 2, 2021 : ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Wins Five Awards at 2021 PRSA Philadelphia Pepperpot Awards

October 11, 2021 : ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Kat Weber as Senior Account Executive

July 20, 2021 : ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes John Reynolds and Annie Speer

March 15, 2021 : ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) hires Annie Speer as Account Coordinator

February 26, 2021 : ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) promotes Maria Lynn to Account Executive

October 28, 2020 : ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Named to Forbes’ Inaugural List of America’s Bet PR Agencies

August 12, 2020
: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Taylor Gray as Account Coordinator

July 15, 2020: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes John Reynolds, Katie Byrne, and Lauren Force

May 20, 2020: Public Relations Global Network Adds offices in Arkansas, Colorado, Oregon

April 7, 2020:  Anne Buchanan was quoted in this Philadelphia Inquirer story about small businesses and the Paycheck Protection Program

April 6, 2020:  Anne Buchanan was quoted in this Spotlight PA story about how governors are tackling COVID-19

January 22, 2020 : ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Renee Cree as Vice President

October 1, 2019:   ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Maria Lynn as Assistant Account Executive.

August 22, 2019:   ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Named Honorable Mention in Prestigious PR Daily Media Relations Awards for Securing More than 3,000 Stories for Client Pepper Hamilton LLP.

August 1, 2019: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes John Reynolds, Katie Byrne and Lauren Force .

May 29, 2019: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) and PRGN Add Offices in Finland and New York, Elect Aaron Blank as President .

April 1, 2019: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes Lacey, Katie, and Shiloh .

March 25, 2019: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Employees Attend 7th Annual Social Media Marketing World .

November 19, 2018: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Presented Five Awards at PRSA Philadelphia Pepperpots .

October 30, 2018: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Honored with Two Awards at PRGN Annual International Best Practices Awards.

October 23, 2018: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes Katie Byrne and Lauren Force.

October 19, 2018: Lauren Force Gives Social Media Optimization Presentation to Aspiring Entrepreneurs at Women’s Business Development Center.

July 10, 2018: Starting Your First job Out of College? Download Your Free Copy of “What College Should’ve Taught You — But Didn’t: The Top 100 Tips to Succeed at Your First Job” Compiled by ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表).

May 30, 2018: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Named A Top Public Relations Firm Serving Philadelphia.

May 16, 2018: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) and PRGN Elect C.L. Conroy as PRGN President.

May 2, 2018: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes Megan Keohane and John Reynolds.

February 2, 2018: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Chris Brandl as Graphic Designer.

January 10, 2018: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Two New Account Coordinators.

December 5, 2017: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表), PRGN media survey highlights social media requirements of reporters.

November 17, 2017: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Brings Home First Place Award at PRSA Philadelphia Pepperpots.

October 10, 2017: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Recertified by WBEC as a woman-owned business.

June 4, 2017: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes Jed Tedeschi to Account Executive

April 24, 2017: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes John Reynolds to Account Executive

April 3, 2017: In the April edition of Public Relations Tactics Anne Buchanan answers questions in the article, Game Plan: Should You Start Your Own Business?

January 3, 2017:  ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Presented with Nine Awards at PRSA Philadelphia Pepperpots

November 11, 2016: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) ‘ Anne Buchanan Moderates Panel Discussion at WHYY After Screening of Documentary “The Link”

October 19, 2016: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) and its canine employees were featured in this AP story about pets in the workplace

September 16, 2016: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Named in Philadelphia Business Journal’s Woman-Owned Businesses of the Year

August 8, 2016: Buchanan ‘s Canine Coworkers Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered

August 16, 2016: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Former Television Producer Amanda Mueller as Account Executive

July 7, 2016: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes John Reynolds to Assistant Account Executive

July 1, 2016: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Lesley Amy as Account Coordinator

May 6, 2016:  Agencies in Minneapolis, New York and Hong Kong join Public Relations Global Network

April 25, 2016:  ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Joe Cerrone as Account Coordinator

January 24, 2016: Client Salveson Stetson Group Talks to the Wall Street Journal About How They Fixed a Google Maps Mishap

January 22, 2016:  Kicking it into ‘high gear,’ academy president says Oscar changes are ‘the right thing to do’

December 14, 2015:  ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes Two, Hires One

November 16, 2015:  Public Relations Global Network Adds Affiliate in Los Angeles

June 4, 2015:  ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Laura Bulman as Account Coordinator

May 5, 2015:  Corporate Sponsorships Are Not About Doing Good – Or Are They? ( Non Profit Information )

May 4, 2015:  Why Does LinkedIn Remain the Overlooked Stepchild of Social Media? ( Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog )

May 1, 2015:  CSR Roundtable: Purposeful pursuit ( PR Week )

April 16, 2015:   10 Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Business Page Organically (Blue Fountain Media)

March 26, 2015: Buchanan: Having a Complete Presence Across Social Media Platform is a Prerequisite for Today’s CEOs ( PR Daily )

March 19, 2015: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes Blair Kahora Cardinal, Megan Keohane and Nicole Lasorda ( Bulldog Reporter )

March 16, 2015: 80 Percent of North American Journalists Check a CEO’s LinkedIn Profile Before an Interview, Says New Survey by Public Relations Global Network

December 8, 2014:  ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Jennifer Tedeschi as Account Coordinator

September 26, 2014: VP Rachel Neppes Weighs in on Story about Rebuilding Atlantic City’s Broken Image ( Press of Atlantic City )

September 22, 2014: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Rachel Neppes as Vice President

August 27, 2014:  ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Takes Second Position on 10 Best PR’s List of Top 10 PR Firms in U.S.

June 24, 2014: Buchanan: Treatment of US CEOs differs among European Journalists ( PR Week)

May 22, 2014:   ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Megan Keohane as Account Coordinator

October 22, 2013: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Promotes Five

July 10, 2013: ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Nicole Lasorda as Account Supervisor

June 5, 2013:    ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表)’s Anne Buchanan Rejoins Executive Committee of Public Relations Global Network To Lead New CSR Task Force

February 1, 2013:  ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Hires Jessica Emery as Account Coordinator

May 15, 2012:  Philadelphia’s ig电子竞技在线比赛(ig电子竞技即时赛表) Travels to South Africa, Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Public Relations Global Network

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